What are your breeding practices?

At our breeder business, we prioritize responsible breeding practices. We ensure the health, temperament, and genetic soundness of our animals. Our breeding pairs are carefully selected, and we provide a loving and nurturing environment for our animals to thrive.


How do you socialize the animals?

Socialization is an important aspect of our breeding process. From an early age, we expose our animals to various stimuli, including other animals, people, and different environments. This helps them become well-adjusted and sociable pets, ready to integrate into their new homes with ease.


What kind of after-sales support do you offer?

We are committed to providing ongoing support to our customers even after they bring our animals home. We offer guidance and advice on nutrition, training, and general pet care. If any concerns or questions arise, we are always available to assist our customers every step of the way.


Are your animals up-to-date with vaccinations?

Yes, we ensure that all our animals receive necessary vaccinations as recommended by veterinary professionals. This helps maintain good health and prevents the spread of contagious diseases. We maintain comprehensive health records for each animal, which are provided to the pet owners upon purchase.